Sports Injuries & How They Can Affect You

There’s no doubt that physical activity is good for your health. Numerouspeople play sports for fun and for exercise but sports-related injuries are inevitable. Most of the time they can easily be treated, but the key is to deal with the injuries right away so they will not have lasting effects on your health.

Here are some of the most common sports-related injuries:

Muscle Pull:Almost any muscle in the body can be pulled. This is caused when there is an abrupt and severe force that is applied to that muscle. Fibers become stretched beyond their capacity and a muscle pull occurs. If only some of the fiber tear, it is considered a muscle pull but if most of the fibers tear, it is called a muscle tear.

Neck Strain:A neck strain is a common injury and can happen to anyone. Many tennis players and cyclists end up suffering from a neck strain because they are often looking up which causes the neck to stiffen. The pain tends to stay on one side of the neck and makes it difficult to turn the head.

Tennis or Golf Elbow: You don’t have to play tennis or golfto get this, however it is common among those athletes because of the repeated arm movement involved. This is an inflammation of the muscles and tendons in the forearms. It happens when the arm, forearm, or hand muscles are overused. Tennis elbow affects the outside of the elbow and golf elbow affects the inner part of the elbow.

Runners Knee: This is the most common knee pain. It is caused by a misalignment of the kneecap in its groove. When the kneecap is misaligned, it will rub against the cartilage as the person is running which causes pain.

Shin Splints: Shin splints, reoccurring in runners but also occurring often in people who are not used to regular exercise. If you experience muscle pain near your shin bones, you might have shin splints. They are usually caused by running or jumping on hard surfaces.

Sprained Ankle: Also known as a twisted ankle, occurs when the ankle is twisted by rolling it to the outside. This action will cause the ankle to sprain. The ankle will quickly swell up and the pain will begin to set it.

There are different severities of sprains:

  1. Mild sprain: this happens when ligaments are stretched but tearing does not occur.
  2. Moderate sprain: when some of ligament fibers are torn, it is considered a moderate sprain.
  3. Severe sprain: A sprain is considered severe when most or all ligament fibers tear.

Groin Strain: Or groin pull, happens when there is too much stress on the muscles around the inner thigh. When these muscles suddenly become too tensed, they may get torn or overstrained. This is a frequent injury among soccer, football, and hockey players.

Lower Back Pain: This is a very common injury for anyone. Lower back pain includes bulging discs, back spasms, and pain that reaches from the leg to the lower back. Many athletes and even non-athletes can suffer from this injury. It is usually caused by improper stretching.

How do injuries affect you?

Sports-related injuries can have lasting implications that may continue for years after the injury has healed. With the proper treatment and care, many people can make a full recovery from their injury and return to their sport. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky to completely recover.

People who have torn cartilage or suffered from ligament injuries are more susceptible to experience arthritis later in their life. Those who have experienced back, knee and even groin injuries have a higher risk of chronic pain related to that injury. Any injury can quickly escalate and create lifelong problems without the proper treatment and care. To avoid the effects of sports injuries, it is important to always stretch your body before physical activity. Try avoid overdoing an exercise or movement as it can cause stress or strains on muscles. If you or a loved one is experiencing any pain caused from a sport-related injury or even daily activities, it is important to seek proper help right away. Avoiding the problem can make the injury worse.Even when taking precautionary measures, sports injuries are often unavoidable.

Sports chiropractic’sis an important part of the recovery process and it can include many different things. The only way to find the right treatment is to evaluate your conditions and decide what is the best approach to deal with your injury. Although surgery is often not needed, a fracture or a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in your knee or shoulders might require an operation. If you’re ready to gain your life back, call us at (714) 804-5108 or book your next appointment with Soloway Chiropractichere.


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