Physiotherapy Costa Mesa

Physiotherapy Costa Mesa

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy (or physical therapy) helps to restore your movement and correct any loss of function due to injury, illness or disability. Physiotherapists help people who have been affected by bodily injuries throughmovement, exercise, physical therapy treatment and educational counseling.

What Injured Areas Can Physiotherapy Diagnose?

Upon injury, physiotherapy helps to detect where your pain is coming from and correct it accordingly. You could be experiencingan injury in one or more of the following places:

AnkleFootHip and GroinLeg and Knee
ButtockLower and upper backThighWrist
ElbowHead/jawNeckNeurological Conditions

Common Surgeries that Require Physiotherapy

Orthopedic Surgery
(bones, joints, muscles)
Abdominal Surgery
(Internal organs like lungs, heart, liver)
Urological Surgery
(bladder and prostate surgery)
Spinal and Neurological Surgery
(spinal fusions, disc repairs, brain surgery)
Breast Surgery
(resections and recontructions)
Obstetric and Gynaeological Surgery
(post-natal, hysterectomy adn other gynaecological-related surgeries)

Physiotherapy Services that Soloway Chiropractic Offers

  • Physical therapy treatment
  • Manual therapy
  • Pre-Post-OperativeRehabilitation
  • Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy: What’s Pilates got to do with It?

Pilates aims to reteach your body the necessary movement skills that allow you to gain flexibility and strength in the areas that normally because you pain and discomfort. When used correctly, clinical Pilates can retrain your body’s muscles in ways that regular Pilates can’t. Pilates is highly regarded by physiotherapists for people experiencing back problems and post-injury rehabilitation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Physiotherapy

When Should I See a Physiotherapist?

There are many reasons why you should visit a physiotherapist. Often times, a visit will be necessary:

  • If you have an injury
  • If you have a bruise, swelling or deformity of a body part
  • If you are limping
  • If your limbs collapse or give way unexpectedly
  • If you require treatment for an injury
  • If you have problems with posture
  • If you want to improve your physical performance for a sport

How does Physiotherapy improve my overall wellness?

Physiotherapy helps with your body’s natural healing process. The right treatment will ensure that your injury does not recur, and will help strengthen your body, sometimes in a better condition than you were originally in.

What should I consider when making the decision to seek physiotherapy help?

  • The length of an initial consultation
  • The length of the follow-up consultation
  • The cost of an initial consultation
  • Claiming on your private health insurance

How do I use ice to heal my pain?

Ice should be used during the first 72 hours after an injury or an aggravation. The affected area should be iced every 2 hours, for 20 min.

How do I use heat to treat pain?

Use heat to speed injury healing after your injury has completed its inflammatory stage. This happens for 72 hours after an injury or aggravation, so you should heat after the initial 72-hour icing period. Apply a heat pack 2-5 times daily, for 10-30 min. Make sure that your heat pack is at a comfortable, warm temperature, so as not to cause a burn.

Do I need a doctor to refer me to a Physiotherapist?

No, in the state of California, for the first 12 visits or 45 days (whichever comes first)patients do not need a doctor to be referred to a physiotherapist. However, some private insurance agencies do require a doctor’s referral. Consult your private insurance agency to find out more.

What should I expect at my next appointment?

Expect a thorough and attentive examination of your injury. You will be asked questions regarding your current health condition and will be assessed for a recommended treatment plan. Expect the beginning to your long-awaited healing process!

Why Choose Physiotherapy at Soloway Chiropractic

Physiotherapy is a trusted solution to your bodily injury problems and, with routine care, physiotherapy can get you back to the active and healthy lifestyle that you seek. Book your appointment, today, with Soloway Chiropractic at (714) 432-7777.

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Love love love this place! And in the past I’ve been to many! I was referred by my boyfriend that has been coming here for over 15 years.Great location relaxing colors and decor! Conveniently located on Newport Blvd in Costa Mesa. Extremely clean!Very friendly staff!Not only do I receive adjustments here…..They provide wonderful heated roller beds! Read More



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It was my first time at a chiropractor, and I was a little nervous. But the whole staff made it a very comfortable and pleasant experience. Dr. Soloway was very caring and asked a lot of questions about my situation. I went on a massage therapy bed and then the Dr. did the adjustment and was very gentle but still effective. He also gave me tips on stretches and exercises I should do. I left feeling so much better! Read More



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I’ve never been to a chiropractor before so this was a new experience. Thankfully, it has been outstanding in treatment, service and care. I initially came in for a pulled shoulder muscle that wouldn’t go away. Initially, I didn’t know where I should go for treatment, but I’m glad I started here. There are massage therapists in office too!Dr Soloway and his staff are attentive and efficient. You are treated as a person here. Read More