Nutritional Assessment at Soloway Chiropractic

In addition to routine chiropractic care, nutrition plays a big role in the path to wellness. If you are interested in improving your health a step further, our wellness partners at Soloway Chiropractic can perform Nutritional Assessments that will design an individualized nutrition program for you.


It has become increasingly difficult to get all the nutrients, even if you eat healthy. Specific nutrients have become necessary for you to reach maximum wellness. Proper nutrition has the power to:
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  • boost your immune system
  • help alleviate insomnia
  • relieve weakness or pain
  • balance hormones
  • eliminate weight gain
  • support your medical care for disease

Most ailments that you experience can be relieved with a proper, balanced nutritional program. Book your appointment today with Soloway Chiropractic to find out how.

What Will Happen at my Nutritional Assessment?

Initial testing will begin with a series of body analyses to help us understand your nutritional needs. Expect to be tested and consulted in one or more of the following areas:

  • Body response testing that locates areas of your body that call for improved function.
  • Measurement of the heart giving a brief snapshot of your internal functions, physical fitness, and stress handling.
  • Testing to determine body fat and muscle, metabolic rate and your overall health.
  • Individualized supplement recommendations specific to your examination, sex and age.
  • Dietary recommendations

What Kind of Questions Can I Expect to be Asked at my Nutritional Assessment?

When going in for your initial nutritional assessment, make sure you are comfortable to answer questions about your:

  • Weekly eating frequency
  • Beverage consumption
  • Food consumption
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Measurement of stress
  • Blood pressure and related physical measurements
  • Emotional/mental/hormonal challenges

Get Started Early on Your Nutritional Assessment

Why wait until your assessment to start on the path to nutritional wellness? Here are some foods that will help increase your wellness in the meantime, before your examination. Get stared today, and let Soloway Chiropractic help continue your nutritional program. Common foods that help increase wellness are:

Nutrition Tips Costa Mesa
Nutrition Tips Costa Mesa
Nutrition Tips Costa Mesa

Can’t Get Enough of Nutrition? Book your Nutritional Assessment appointment today with Soloway Chiropractic at (714) 432-7777.