Lifestyle Advice

Lifestyle advice is just as important as your screening, adjustment or physical therapy, and that’s why Soloway Chiropractic takes the time to go over this information with you. During your visit, Dr. Soloway and his staff will address issues of nutrition, exercise and activities to avoid during your path to wellness.

At Soloway Chiropractic – we offer collaborative wellness advice to help you live an active and healthy lifestyle – even if it means that we have to go out of our way to help you gain your life back.

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Get Active, Keep Moving, and Gain Control of Your Life

  • Learn what activities you should avoid in order to prevent further injury or aggravation.
  • Soloway Chiropractic will coach you on different ways to complete daily activities to avoid discomfort while recovering.
  • Professional staff will see to your personal wellness and collaborate with you on ways to keep your life active and fulfilling.

Lifestyle Choices That Steers You Towards the Right Path to Wellness

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  • Dr. Soloway and his staff will go over nutrition and supplement choices to compliment your lifestyle plan.
  • You will receive advice on daily tasks, activities and exercises as they relate to your treatment and lifestyle.
  • Other treatment methods may be recommended during your visit with Soloway Chiropractic to optimize your recovery.

Customize Your Wellness Plan to What You Feel Most Comfortable With

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During this time, you will be able to discuss your lifestyle and activities with Dr. Soloway and his staff. They will be able to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your treatment, and will be able to provide the best options to promote your wellness.