Driving with Back Pain

There’s little to do in life that doesn’t involve a car. We all depend on these man-made machines to maneuver through daily life. What is life without a full-time job? Which means a good chunk of your life is spent driving to and from work. Monday through Friday your body goes through the commute. Weekends are spent trying to be as adventurous as one can trying to ignore the responsibilities of the week. Adventure that requires more time in that car you’ve been inhabiting all week.

One can argue that everyone has a life outside of their car, but it’s the time you spend in the car that can affect your life outside of it. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that people normally spend about 17,600 minutes in their car per year. That’s over twelve consecutive hours. This time in the car truly warrants a tale of caution when dealing with year health.

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In May 2015, there was a study done in the International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health that explored the effects of back vibrations resulting in back pain. The study found that people with long commutes to work are more susceptible to back pain than people with shorter commutes. According to a study by Gallup in 2010, workers with commutes ranging from 20 to 90 minutes have had anywhere from 25%-30% recurrent neck or back pain within the year.

To lessen your chances of feeling the impact of the work week commute, here are some tips to curve pesky back pain.

  • Keep your seat upright: When you angle your seat forward you promote better posture for that mandatory commute.
  • Avoid staying stiff: Make sure to keep a mental note to move every so often throughout the commutes of the day. Stretching is one of the most important activities that some often neglect. Find a minute or two before or after the commute to do a quick stretch to circumvent any kind of back pain.
  • Avoid the stress of the road: Find your zen in the front seat. De-stress with your favorite playlist, podcast or audiobook. Let that seat belt be the only thing holding you back on your long commute. You may be stuck in traffic, but your mind doesn’t have to be. Let it wander as you fight the tense feeling that could come with the commute.
  • Most importantly, stay alert: One of the most common factors of back injuries and pain are caused by an accidents. Stay aware of other cars around you. Accidents can greatly take a toll on your well-being and defensive driving will lessen your chances of an accident.

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