Common Back Pain Myths

Do you often find yourself favoring a sore, achy and unbearably painful back? You are not alone, in fact back pain is amongst the most common reasons people visit the doctor in the United States. Despite millions of cases of lower and upper back pain in the U.S. every year, there remain various myths surrounding the ailment to this day. While back pain can range from a simple dull but constant ache to a very painful and continuous pain, it can affect millions of people. With so many back pain myths, we decided to shed some light on the truth behind back pain and its treatment. Read on to learn the truth about many common back pain myths from the best chiropractor in Orange County.

Myth #5- Back Pain Won’t Happen To Me

It is commonly believed that we ourselves won’t ever experience back pain, as back pain is purely a result of aging after all, right? However, despite the common belief that back pain is solely reserved for the aging, the truth is that everyone is at risk for experiencing both chronic and acute back pain issues. The fact remains that back pain is one of the most prevalent sources of pain for people in the United States. In fact, approximately every 8 in 10 people will experience back pain at one time or another in their lives in the U.S. Back pain is extremely prevalent which can be seen in the facts below:

  • Both acute and chronic pain is the leading cause of disability in men over the age of 45 in the United States.
  • Many people in the country experience severe pain in their upper and lower back that ultimately require surgery. In fact, back surgery remains the third most commonplace cause of surgery in the United States.
  • Acute and chronic back pain remains the second most common reason that people visit their primary doctor.
  • Between acute back pain issues and chronic issues, back pain is the fifth most common cause of hospitalization in the United States.

All of these facts simply go to show that back pain is not only extremely prevalent in the United States, but that it can happen to anyone. It is not always a direct cause of aging, in fact for most, aging should never even be a factor in back pain.

If you have back pain, contact the best chiropractor in Orange County to experience relief.

Myth #4- Back Pain is A Natural Element of Aging

It has long been commonly held that with age comes back pain. Yes, normal aches and pains are perhaps a natural part of aging, however it is irrelevant how many candles you have on your cake, back pain is not a normal or natural function of aging. Now, don’t misunderstand this, as we age we do in fact become more susceptible to back pain. While this is normal per say, it is not natural to have to endure back pain. There are various surgical and non surgical methods to handle the source of just about every back pain and ailment. It is important to work with a back pain specialist when you begin to feel pain in order to eradicate the sources of the pain early.

On a side note, the highest frequency of both chronic and acute back pain is most frequent amongst middle aged people between the ages of 35 and 55. Pain predominantly should become lessened after the age of 55, especially for those that experience pain from disc degeneration. Disc degeneration is very common as we age, however the pain often becomes null as we mature as well.

Myth #3- Rest is The Best Method of Treatment for Back Pain

As we endure back pain for long periods of time, be it chronic or acute, it can be normal to assume that rest is the key to achieving relief of our ailment. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Bed rest can often be recommended to reduce pain, but it should never be assumed that rest is the end all of our pain. Bed rest can be helpful in reducing pressure on our spinal discs and vertebrae. It also can assist in reducing the various mechanical stresses in our spine that irritate our pain receptors. Bed rest is best, and basically only practical, for reducing acute back pain but not chronic pain. In certain circumstances a few days of bed rest can be very beneficial in the reduction of acute pain but will be fairly useless for chronic pain. In fact, chronic pain can be worsened with consistent bed rest and can even result in other various issues including:

  • Muscle Atrophy- This is when muscles literally waste away. Unfortunately, through consistent bed rest, muscles in the back can begin to waste away. If this occurs, even in small increments, it can begin to weaken the back and create even worse back problems than were existent prior to the bed rest.
  • Bone Mineral Loss- Frequent and consistent bed rest as a result of chronic back pain can lead to bone mineral loss. This is a condition that takes place when the body fails to produce new bone as promptly as it absorbs old bone. This can not only result in worsened back pain but also can leave victims with a shorter stature, a stooped posture and easily fractured bones.
  • Risk of Blood Clots- Continuous bed rest can also result in a significantly elevated risk for blood clots. Blood clots can lead to various medical issues.
  • Cardiopulmonary Deconditioning- People with deconditioned cardiopulmonary functions have poor cardiovascular performance that can leave them with shortness of breath in addition to a wide array of other symptoms.

Ultimately, rest can be very beneficial when prescribed by a back pain specialist. However, it is important to understand the risks of continued bed rest in addition to the actual benefits of the rest. At the end of the day, rest is by far not the best method to treating back pain for most. For some however, rest may be just what is needed. However, rest can actually make your back pain worse. Extended periods of inactivity can cause the back to become weak, stiff and tense. It is important to discuss your specific needs with a chiropractor and pain specialist to see if bed rest is necessary or even beneficial for your back pain.

If you have back pain, contact the best chiropractor in Orange County to experience relief.

Myth #2- The Spine and Back Are Easily Injured

Back pain is extremely prevalent with 8 in 10 Americans expected to experience it at some point in their lives. With back issues being so prevalent, the back and spine must be easily injured. While this is common belief, it simply isn’t true. One of the most common back pain myths is that the spine and the back are easily injured and thus back pain is practically unavoidable. The truth is that the intricate workings of the spine and its muscles, tendons and ligaments compose a well fashioned and very strong structure. The spine, despite popular belief, is built to be strong, flexible and supportive of great deals of pressure and weight. However, the spine, while strong and sturdy, requires strength conditioning in order to maintain proper strength and durability.

It is commonplace for many victims of back pain to overprotect their spine or back after a spell of back pain. While there are general concerns and precautions that should be taken, it isn’t necessary to coddle your spine. Often times, strength conditioning as well as aerobic and flexibility conditioning are great measures to help reduce back pain. If patients overprotect or coddle their backs and spines it can actually potentially lead to worsened back pain issues. Overall, it is important to discuss with a pain specialist and chiropractor your specific conditions to see if exercise is right to fix your back pain.

Myth #1- Spine Surgery Will Cure Back Pain Completely

Most, if not practically all, of back pain is generated at the source of the spine. For this reason, it is very common belief that spinal surgery will somehow cure and end back pain for good. Unfortunately, this is one the many back pain myths that continue to surround the ailment. Despite the belief that spinal surgery will correct all back pain issues, the truth is that spine surgery can in fact correct injuries or deformities and potentially even reduce pain. However, spinal surgery patients, more often than not, only experience partial relief of their pain symptoms, and in rare cases some even say their pain is actually worsened. For these reasons, an accurate pain analysis and diagnosis is always necessary for proper treatment of back pain. Surgery may be necessary for some, while chiropractic care may be what is necessary for others. Talking with a pain specialist and a chiropractor can help to assess the actions necessary to address your specific case of back pain.

There are various myths surrounding back pain. It is important to know the truth about back pain in order to avoid worsening the pain or creating larger issues. If you have back pain, visit the best chiropractor in Orange County for treatment.

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